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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  May 15, 2013 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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as you can see there was a massive response by police units. police say the body showed signs of a violent struggle. they're not sure whether this happened here or whether it was elsewhere a spokesman says it appears the medical examiner swil have to determine the cause of death. >> we haven't found witnesses but that is part of the investigation. hopefully we'll find someone out there that knows what happened. >> and this is the 15th homicide in san jose this year. room doors here open to a large lot and people driving along busy monterey road also have a clear view of a
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struggle occurred outside. oak hill cemetery are across the street. now, the police are continuing their investigation and so is our coverage of the breaking news story. we'll put developments that we learn about on our twitter feed. >> david, thank you very much. devastating news tonight fr a san francisco family and for everyone who spent the past several days searching for a missing little girl in lake county. mick kayla lynch wandered from her family's vacation home. her body was found in the creek not far from her house sherk had a severe form of autism. let's begin with wayne freedman.
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>> behind me is the parking lot of the church. there were cars here, people here, they were all trying to help. now, everyone left. >> the faces and body language expressed disappointment. this came just past noon from the police chief. >> unfortunately, we have conclusions to this search. miblg kayla has within been found deceased in the water. >> so ends the search that began on sunday, mother's day. mick kayla lynch bolted from her parent's yard and ran up the street. every day brought more volunteers. many, parents of other autistic kids. ranny has an 8-year-old. >> what makes this loss more tragic? >> is that they just don't
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understand what is going on. they just don't understand what is going on. you know? i don't think they know they're lost. because they, you know, they don't -- they don't understand emotion. >> yet, mckayla had become the focal point for much of it we all seem to come together and come together fast. >> it's difficult to speak. >> the chief says divers founded body in cash creek. he said there is no evidence of foul play and gave no additional information. he gave a request for privacy. >> a little girl had they grieve tonight. >> keep your child close to you at all times.
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and i'm sorry for the loss. so sorry for the, you know, for the family that loved her. >> her family lives mostly in san francisco it's clear people here have taken them and taken them to heart. >> mckayla attended school in san francisco. some teachers helped in the search for her, you can imagine how they're feeling about the sad news. >> sunset elementary is a small school. the kind of school where everyone gets to know each other and feels responsibility for children.
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pta president tells us parents had been volunteering so teachers could go up and help health. the district says staff is overwhelmed that they she will never be coming back. the school is notifying parents today there, is a response team assembled. and now, parents will figure out how to talk to their kids about what happened. pta vowing so-to-support the family in whatever ways they need. >> all very fast. we're sad about the news today. the community will be pulling together to support the family. physically, or through whatever we find out they need when they get back. and everyone has been asking for days what they can do to help.
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and so as soon as we find out, i know our community will do it hearts go out to the families. the community was awaiting news that was better than this. they're shocked and saddened. the principal will be sharing this news with the community. today. >> pta president tells thaws the kids are asking how they can help mckayla's family. the school will be trying to figure out a way that they can honor mckayla's life. >> they will come together, thank you. a 12-year-old boy face aid judge today accused of killing his own sister. he may be the youngest person ever charged with murder in california.
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he's accused of stabbing to death his 8-year-old sister inside of the family home. we're covering his face. the boy's turn attorneys expectsed to ask the zwrouj release him to the family. >> owner of a party bus company being charged with vehicular and involuntary manslaughter after a passenger died. in july a 25-year-old woman died as she fell out of a bus. two passengers fell off the bus and tasha knolland died. a grand jury indicted the owner of the company saying he exhibited gross neejs a san jose neighborhood renewing a call for safer streets tonight after a tragedy. a car hit and killed a 5-year-old yesterday. she walked home from school.
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>> they have f you look behind me, this is part of the school. interest tl is not a single speed bump in this neighborhood. that is part of the reason people here believe is the problem. they believe there may be the reason why a 5-year-old lost her life. >> parents and students are taking steps that are cautious. after 5-year-old eileen keroz was hit by a car, killed yesterday afternoon. >> it's a shock. >> juana says his sister-in-law was walking when
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hit. other baby in the front. they're walking when my sister feels a car push them. >> she says the aunt was able to push the front child out of harm's way. >> yes. it's fine put signs. >> those living here say it's a problem they've had to deal with too long. >> she was crossing with the sign to cross. so she was doing right thing. >> investigators tell abc 7 news the driver was going west on bluefield drive and did not break in time a cording to police the force sent the girl's body flying several feet but the speed may have has in the been determined. hoo they cannot believe that can happen. >> the
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closer together. united to both grief and demanding something be done to make this dangerous street investigators tell us they do not bleef drugs or alcohol were a fact yefr. we did reef out to the council men for this district. he tells he is us stle provided information for residents who live nlt area to reach out and make a statement. >> well there is a huge up heaveal at irs. acting commissioner out of a job in a scandal involving tgts. it aplay plies for tax exempt status. the pleas says steven miller was asked to resign, and he
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did and called actions inexchooseable. >> i'll do everything to make sure nothing like this happens again. by holding responsible party as ktable. and putting in place checks and safeguards making sure laws is apply as it shubd. >> the president comments came 56 attorney general eric holler testified today. promising lawmakers a thur yoi investigation. >> figures show bay area home praises surged past a half million dollars if in years. the price rose 17% last month. april's new and median price hit $510,000 in the bay area. >> well, kboogel on a money
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making roll, the stom topped $900 a share. that is up 3 and a qurt yir percent in a day. google kicks off a develop's conference today. google ininterest dused new search algorhythms and google's ceo and founder talked about his health problems saying he had vocal kofrd par yat yal sismts. >> coming up next a major milestone for apple's app store, michael finney looks at what the 5th billionth person means. >> get ready to pull out um brel yz, coming up n. >> thank you. open why gave $1 million to
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one local woman.
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two children under the age of five stabbed in a home in allen rock. the two taken to the hospital. we don't have word yet on conditions. the sheriff's department is working with case because it's just across city lines. we'll hear live at 6:00 and you can get breaking news updates on twitter. >> now, news about the airline industry today. >> do you like fees? >> thrilled. >> the change fees turning into big money.
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we're talking big money. top 15 raked in $6 billion in fees abone. u.s. kept of transportation shows delta made the most. stees parted in 2008 you might remember. now, they see them as a wind p wind fall there keeping airlines profitable. if someone won the lottery apple style. the company gill give $10,000 app gift card to the person who bought the 50 millionth app this afternoon. the frenzy was on, todays marker only five years after the company launched the store
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in the first place. if it's only 2008? >> it's changed our lives this much. >> i don't think i can spend 10,000s ndz apps. >> right. >> thank you. >> the woman oip pra winnie called her favorite guest about to become a uc berkeley graduate. today, abc 7 news talked to this mother of six ahow dal is helping her body of work to the next devil. -- level. of the hows grad weight no one has a story like hers. she was forced to marry when she was just 11 yirs hold. >> by 18 i want i already had three children without a ged but i wanted an education more
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than anything. >> she's now a 52-year-old moirj of sismt and begins aum odds she has mer tan achieved her goal. she has two bachelor's he degrees and a phd and a masters from other schools. >> i know if i get this education, i will be able to give back to my own community she came to oprah's attention. host gave her $1 million to build schools. >> to see these kids going school? >> it's something you wanted to do. >> it's something i wanted. >> her children's father died of aids. now, with her degree she will make aids education a
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priority. >> she wants to make the world a better place. in my health it's called healing the universe. >> my mother says if you follow your dreams they'll always call you back. oo in story. >> yes. >> weather forecast wasn't pretty nice. >> yes. it's nice out here but cooler and breezy outside. clouds beginning to gather here. it's a sign of changes coming up. we have our own radar not seeing moisture but will be tracking showers of the fact thl
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be woetd roadways. watch out for breezy conditions. you can see cloud cover. 63 in oakland, highs so far today, upper 50s to low 80s. cooler than yesterday from our east bay hills camera. looking towards mount diablo. you can see clouds there. so signs of change. livermore at 64. from our camera we do have a small craft advisory on the coast and bay. so choppy waters expected. cooler tomorrow, spotty showers.
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and if you have outdoor plans weather will be dry. watching a cold front approaching. it will bring shoirs like iw m. to our south we have an erltly season tropical storm. it's tropical storm alvin with gusts to 45. no threat to land. tonight computer animation showing you 7:00 p.m. lot of cloud cover. clouds thicken. by 5:00 a.m. showers beginning to move n by 7:00, 8:00, 9:00, we can see wide spread light hours. and showers begin to taper. so we'll see clearing trend.
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here are the rainfall estimates. not a lot expect frpd 0-10th of an inch. at this point we'll take anything. lows into the 50s. santa cruz, cloudy skies. so give your several time wed heading out of the door. and highs gok come down some momplt 67 in oakland. low 70s mifr lower, concord and nanna. a look at the accu-weather forecast spotty showers for thursday. and warm up starts with much warmer weather with low 80s on sta. upper 80s by sunday.
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follow live doppler 7 hd rain or shine. get tweets from your favorite team. live from the roof of the kgotv broadcast center i'm sandhya patel oo. thank you. >> just head angelina jomy about to take a big dose of preventative medicine. >> maker movement smp local do it yourselfers to trying to get more girls involved in
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just days after revealing she had a double mastectomy angelina jolie says she will
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get another surgery to remove her owe varies. her doctors say she has over a 50% chance of velging cancer. testing showed she had an 87% risk of velg breast canners. >> a medical marijuana study said it worked wonders for crohn's disease sufferers. it went into ream mission for parents yents who spoked polt in that study. findings in the clinical journal help tolling. >> it's been he said an apple a day keeps the doctor away. right? a new farnler's market in the hospital. >> by locating here we're
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making it easy for paish yernts to have access with their provider and doctor and detigs. >> what does that say about homt food? huh? >> market is going to be open wednesday and the hospital hopes this is annual he venlt. >> warriors fever is raging still tonight. babies getting in on the act. how cute is this? we want sto see your pride. e mail fan photos to us we'll share them on air and online. >> fun. >> so are you feeling bucky? >> yes. power ball up for grabs tonight.
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coming up at 6:00 the governor's plan to expand the
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state medical program and why a group you think would be happy, a northern california tea party leader tells axe bc 7 news how her group was hassled by the irs and a milestone fr a program that helps children living in a toughest neighborhood. now back to dan and cheryl. >> thank you. >> tonight's power ball so huge, the 7th largest in history. >> $360 million is at stake. of. >> estimated cash option is $229 million. in case your curious largest ever was last november. >> yes so. that is a cool $587 million. a bunch of us went in on the pool. it's probably my last day of work because... >> you're planning on win something. >> yes.
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goitsing to happen. >> yes. thank you. >> from all of us here this is "world news." tonight, breaking news on two fronts. the president weighs in to the tempest over fairness at the irs. >> we're going to hold the responsible parties accountable. >> and the white house releases 100 pages of secret e-mails about the deadly attack in benghazi. about face. another soldier assigned to prevent sexual assault accused of sexual assault himself. even questions of a tie to prostitution. powerball mania. billions pouring into the lottery. will the biggest jackpot of the year turn into the biggest jackpot ever? and golden years. the surprising solution. american families finding happiness in an unexpected place. the secret revealed. >> hola!
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